Linnea Moos

Coffee-lover and fitness freak

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Linnea Moos aka coffee-lover and fitness lives in Copenhagen where she works as Social Media Coordinator at Bodylab.

She is also educated Personal Trainer and love to share tips and tricks about health, fitness, food and all the other stuff.

Cerva helped her with a simple website where she could express all the things that she blogs about in an clean responsive webdesign made in Wordpress.

After trying to set up my own page I asked Cerva for help. That was the absolute best decision.

Cerva knew exactly how I wanted the website to look like – even though I didn’t. I came with a pretty inconcrete drawing of how I wanted the blog to look like. Cerva took my overall idea and turned it into an even better one, that looked way better than it could ever imagine.

It was a pleasure working with them. As a customer I felt like they listened to me, but still came up with awesome inputs and ideas that I hadn’t even considered. I had Cerva recommended by a friend, and I would recommend them anyday. Helpful, professional and really talented. Thank you, Cerva!

-Linnea Moos

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